Real Estate Investing Education

We know that the number one barrier to real estate investing is knowing where to start. With its own terminology and endless array of opportunities, just getting started can be a daunting task. That is why the foundation of our community is a rock-solid education in real estate investing.

New Wealth Advisors is committed to providing the education you need to become a successful real estate investor. Our multi-millionaire instructors have decades of experience in real estate investing. They have specialized in various areas of real estate investing including short sales, foreclosures, flipping, rental income, and creative financing. Having achieved financial independence for themselves and their families, they seek to share their knowledge and empower others to realize their core purpose in life and fulfill their dreams. With our education, you'll learn:

  • Why you should invest in real estate
  • How to find leads and evaluate potential deals
  • Wholesaling and rehabbing
  • How to buy short sales
  • How to buy at auctions
  • Creative financing
  • Asset protection
  • And much more!

Our education is the most complete and highest quality around. Learn how to purchase below market value and how to manage and protect your assets. Learn the secrets to help you purchase and manage your portfolio.

At New Wealth Advisors we don’t just teach real estate investing - we create real estate investors.

Why is the Education so Important?

Like almost all high income fields, real estate investing is a skilled profession, with success coming from education and experience. Successful real estate investors are not gamblers looking to get rich quick, though they often do experience fast and substantial success. Like all professions, to be successful you have to know what you are doing.

New Wealth Advisors provides the education AND experience you need to hit the ground running on your way to building substantial income and wealth.