Success Stories

Many others have been right where you are, and are now part of our community, ready to help you get started! Here are a few of our success stories:

"The program you all have put together is ASTOUNDING! Its very scary actually... You have taken away all of my excuses. I am the only missing piece, taking action is the only step left.

After joining the New Wealth Advisors Club, if you find yourself unsuccessful, YOU ARE NOT WORKING! Its as simple as that.

Tim Wilkinson : Hesperia, CA

"We had heard that Real Estate was the best investment anyone can make, but we never heard how it could be done. We did a lot of research and thought we had it all figured out so we jumped in head first and bought our first properties........boy were we wrong!!!! After making several bad investment choices and throwing in a ton of cash out of our pockets, we decided that there had to be someone that could REALLY teach us how to play this Real Estate Investing game. We searched for about 18 months and then stumbled across a group of investors that were willing to share their knowledge and hold our hands as we applied what they taught us. What a difference! New Wealth Advisors Club has really helped us achieve things that we never thought would be possible. Now we are building up our Short Sale pipeline and negotiating with banks using none of our own money or credit. The education is phenomenal and the leadership and mentoring are the best we've encountered in the industry. Thank you Dave and Melina!!"

Oscar and Rebeca Solares : Murrieta, CA

"I had it on my mind to give you a feedback about the shop. It was really very good and very educational. The info that we got plus the hands on in the field was excellent. With all that information, knowledge, and forms its almost a guarantee for success.I say it almost because some people are not willing. The only people that cannot do it are the ones not willing. Thanks a million!!"

John Cotoi : Riverside, CA

"It is difficult to put into words the change I have gone through since plugging into the New Wealth Advisors Club. I always thought I would work my whole life in the printing industry, working 84 hours a week at times. But now thanks to Dave and Melina I have a business plan that will make me a multiple six fugure income so I can retire early with generational wealth! Thanks NWAC!"

Frank Luna : Fontana, CA

"More on a personal level the first thing that quickly comes to mind for me is how genuinely caring and how much of an extended family NWAC is to me. The relationships that have been formed and nurtured by being associated with NWAC are irreplacaeble. The realization that my goal of becoming a successful Real Estate investor is reachable because I am a member of a community that has excellent leadership, genuine people who care about my success, mentorship, coaching and all the pieces of the puzzle that I need to put me on the best possible path for success. I'm not sure what I would be doing in the world of Real Estate were it not for NWAC. Well actually I do, probably nothing. Staying connected to NWAC is sure to help me help myself."

Gene Clark : Corona, CA

"Ever since I have gotten involved with New Wealth Advisors it has COMPLETELY changed my life!!!! It has empowered me with the ability to not only dream again but also shown me a way of achieving those dreams!!! Not only that but it has introduced me to a community of like minded individuals and to a mentor that has inspired me to strive to become the person I always knew I could be!!!! I know in my heart there is no better group of people out there and I thank God every day for allowing these people to be a part of my life!!!"

Mike Place : San Bernardino, CA

"Being a part of NWAC community has been an honor; it allows me to be a part of an outstanding group of people, who are positive and ready to take on any challenges that may arise. Thanks to our awesome leaders, Dave and Melina Boswell, who have given so much of themselves to us, they have inspired us to be more than what we are, whatever they want for themselves that is what they want for the community.

Dave and Melina have provided a place where we can get together as a group and are able to express ourselves without being judged by our peers. We are able to celebrate each other’s success, to cry, laugh and have fun together without losing focus of what we are about - CHANGING PEOPLE'S LIVES, ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

I am glad to be a part of NWAC because it has allowed me to be around positive people with the same purpose in mind. When you feel like quitting, they tell you straight up quitting is not an option. I am glad I have “stickability”, because I have gotten to know some cool people who are like family to me.

Thank you Dave and Melina for making this possible. I love you guys."

Sonia Robinson : San Dimas, CA

"Through this community I have gained so much knowledge and accomplished so many things. The personal growth I have been able to attain is outstanding. I don't know where else you can get that! I am doing things I never could have imagined a year ago. Aside from the personal growth, I have also been able to purchase my own house. I am a full time teacher, and I really thought that buying a house by myself was out of the question. With the guidance of another investor in the group I was able to reach that goal. Now that I have checked that off my list, I'm on to my next adventure. My best friend Loni and I have our first short sale under contract, and are excited to be using what we've learned and the community to make this next step. This group has so much to offer, and being a part of it means so much to me."

Mandi Cox : Riverside, CA

"It has been my pleasure to be mentored and trained for the last coupe of years by the leadership of New Wealth Advisors Club. At the time I was introduced to NWAC, I knew that I wanted to have passive income and be able to be a stay at home mom when my husband and I have kids. As a teacher, I had no plan or idea for how to make that happen. Not only have I been given the hope that my financial goals are actually attainable, but I have been blessed with the tools, support, and personal development to actually make them a reality! Although I have made some money, the real value has been the realization that with the right mindset, support from more experienced people, and a willingness to work hard, ANYTHING is possible!"

Loni Adcox : Riverside, CA